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Bronchial asthma


The bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways.

In essence this is a yperantidrasi airway (the wall which has a muscle) to various factors, so that the muscle fibers to contract (bronchospasm) causing narrowing of the lumen of aeragogon.Synyparchoun also plenty of pasty swelling and secretions (Fig. 1) which amplify the narrowing afti.Etsi, limiting the flow of air passing through them.

The main symptoms of asthma are:

* Cough (usually more intense during the night sleep and early morning hours)
* Wheezing respiration
* Shortness of breath
* Sensation of heaviness in the chest

In the intervals between exacerbations people with asthma are free of symptoms and spirometry to normal.

The severity of asthma depends on how often there paroxysmoi.Etsi separated into mild, moderate, severe chronic asthma sovaro.Sto person is never free of symptoms and need continuing medication.

The causes of this narrowing of the bronchi are many, not always gnostes.Anaferoume some of them:

* Various allergens (pollen of flowers, household dust, animal hair, etc.)
* Cold air
* Exercise
* Infections
* Stress
* Environmental Pollution
* Drugs

The bronchial asthma to classify into 2 major categories:

1. the allergic bronchial asthma Egogenes
2. endogenous bronchial asthma

The exogenous allergic asthma is mainly due to the influence of various factors from outside, ie from the environment called allergens (animal dander, pollen, etc.). This form of asthma attack is usually in childhood and is mainly due to an allergic reaction of the organism to exogenous paragontes.Yparchei hereditary (and others of the family with asthma or allergic rhinitis, eczema, etc.). When appearing at an early age, the more times during adolescence is an automatic cure.

The endogenous asthma, in contrast to what happens in exogenous not found any factor to be considered responsible for his challenge, which is why this form of asthma is known as asthma unknown aitiologias.Prosvallei older ages, and usually occurs after a respiratory infection.

The diagnosis can only come from history and symptoms of asthenous.Oi main tests for the diagnosis of asthma are:

* Spiromerisi before and after bronchodilation)
* Assay provoke asthma (inhalation of various factors that can cause asthma)
* Skin allergy tests (skin reaction to known allergens)
* Measurement of total IgE in blood (specific antibody is increased in people with allergies)

For the treatment of asthma there are several drugs that are granted alone or in combination.

A. Bronchodilators drugs

* Inhaled medications
* Theofyllinoucha (3 forms: injection, a pill, syrup, suppositories in)

B. Inflammatory

Cortisone (3 forms: injection, a pill, inhalation)

C. Miscellaneous

* Lock leukotrienes

D. Oxygen

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