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BEAUTIFUL PERSON THE SURGERY OF THE NEW SEASON Aesthetic and functional rhinopla

Aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty

This is the most common and most popular surgery in our country. Often combined with otoplasty and pogonoplastiki. As well as simultaneous improvement in the dewlap.
The nose is the center of the face and every change of shape or size can give expression to another person.
What is important in planning surgery is not just choosing a perfect nose, but that of the perfect hand-shaped, but that suits the person. Thus, the design and use of high 'technology' such as digital simulation are essential tools for selecting both the shape and size. The digital simulation enables one to see alongside the actual image and image after surgery ("before & after").

It is important to the outcome of default by the computer from the very concerned and his family. For this purpose one of the first appointments to the selection of the final image you would like to have the nose and general profile to avoid postoperative disagreements related to different aesthetic standards. The doctor gives the interested 4-5 different feasible from a technical standpoint, options, analyzing together before making the final selection. The virtual simulation is not binding, but guiding, counseling, and aims to help people understand the details of the surgery.

Rhinoplasty also improves or corrects malfunctions, injuries, anatomical malformations. Rhinoplasty In addition to the best cosmetic result is necessary to improve the functioning of the nose. Thus, the simultaneous presence of specialized treatment ensures excellent results.

The nasal septum supports the skeleton of the nose and ensure the entry of oxygen through breathing. It is an anatomical partition that divides the nasal cavity, thereby facilitating the flow of inhaled oxygen. The unobstructed breathing contributes significantly to the good functioning of the physical and mental health and to have a deep and restful sleep, which promotes physical fitness of the organism and contributes to regeneration and recovery.

It is possible the diaphragm, either by inheritance or as a result of injury, displaced from the midline (scoliosis), and to determine the required straightening in order to unclogged the airways of the nose, correcting thus malfunctions such as breathing, snoring , sleep apnea, changes in tone of voice, reduced sense of smell - taste, feeling fatigue, headaches, etc. The surgical straightening of the nasal septum is carried out through the nose without external incisions.

Also, the need for surgical intervention may relate to the size, shape of nose, the tip only (the akroriniou) or the nostrils, or its width. The nose may need as well, lifting or chipping or out.

The exemption, therefore, from unsightly defects of the nose, can give without altering the expression on his face, another intensity and momentum in the face because the nose is a sovereign body. The correction may involve the whole nose or parts of it, the surgery begins with a special technical process through the nostrils with a small internal incisions that allow entry tools minutes to detach the mucosa and to permit the surgeon to work in ossein or cartilaginous frame, the stitches are dissolvable minutes. The surgery is done after 18 years of age. The general anesthesia are primarily for small improvements, local.

The procedure takes one hour by an experienced plastic surgeon and a half hour for the operational part of the nasal septum. If there has been preoperative prediction and simulation results on the computer then the expected time is 2-5 hours. .

After surgery located within minutes of the nose pad to be removed the next day.Also, a thin splint for about a week. The patient is led to rapid recovery room & receive postoperative instructions. Can the response accordingly to leave his home a few hours or overnight in the hospital. Instructed metencheiriritikes: for light diet, avoiding smoking.

The day after surgery the swelling can be severe there may be some bruising under the eyes but they leave quickly.
Apogefgoume to wear glasses or blowing your nose, and cleaning that we use Physiomer.

After one week removed the splint and return in one normal activities. The swelling subsides gradually.

Before surgery the patient should be thoroughly briefed on all aspects of intervention that the person is taken to the operating room to rest is always important for the outcome of any intervention

Rhinoplasty illustrates the dynamics of the newly refreshed image. The facial expression, free from unsightly details malformed lines remains unchanged. The smile becomes another dynamic. The look is sweeter when you make a wide nose thinner, thus increasing the distance between the eyes, causing the eyes to show their beauty. The youthful cheeks are most important when a crooked nose ridge has disappeared. Thus these data further highlight and enhance the sociability of man and his self confidence.


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