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safety and usefulness of bronchoscopy in elderly patients

Security & usefulness of bronchoscopy in elderly patients
Work presented to the 9th National Congress Pneumonology


N. D. Hainis, E. Theodoropoulos, K. Katis, A. Verykaki E. Zachariadis, M. H. Inglezos Angelidou, X. Tsiafaki, N. Karagiannidis, F. skipjack, B. Handrinos, P. Ziotopoulos and F . Apostolopoulou.

Sismanoglio G.P.N.A.

A ', B', C `Pulmonology Deartments - Bonchologic laboratory

In order to assess the safety and usefulness of inovronchoskopisis in elderly patients, studied the records of vronchologikou laboratory of our hospital from 1/1/1991 until 30/7/1997 and revealed the following: a total, 7542 bronchoscopy performed by 10 vronchoskopous total (with a different experience each), the 368 (4.78%) patients were aged over 80. Of these, 307 men (83.42%) and 61 women (16.58%) with average age 86 years (80-99eton). Indication bronchoscopy were mainly hemoptysis, the pathological N / A chest, coughing and chest pain.

Of the 368 elderly patients vronchoskopithikan, was diagnosed in 143 (38.85%).

Details: Bronchogenic carcinoma was diagnosed in 133 patients (93%). Small 25 (18.80%). Non-small 108 (81.20%) [squamous 40 (37.03%), adenokarkinoma 17 (15.75%) megalokyttariko 13 (12.03%), adiaforopiito 37 (34.26%), and 1 bronchoalveolar (0 , 93%)]

In 10 patients (7%) were diagnosed other diseases [7 TBC, 1 sarcoidosis, 1 pulmonary fibrosis and pneumonia 1]. The diagnosis was made by loop biopsy, bronchial secretions, brush, metavronchoskopika sputum culture and bronchial secretions. Please note that all elderly patients, a negative / had a chest only 8 patients (2.17%) and only

one (12.5%) of them was diagnosed.

The bronchoscopy was well tolerated by almost all patients. Stop needed to be done only in 3 patients (0.81%). In a result of poor cooperation and the other two because this showed hypoxia and pulmonary hypertension treated successfully, respectively.

`Taking into consideration the age, the large number of vronchoskopon and high rate of diagnosis, we can conclusively say that inovronchoskopisi is a safe and reliable diagnostic method.

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