Monday 28 November 2022

It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that inhaled drugs have excellent results to all the respiratory diseases being granted ONLY AS `IV and correctly used.

The condition for the drug action is to reach the target organ, ie lung and this is achieved by inhalation. The route the drug is one that follows the air we breathe:

mouth-pharynx-larynx-bronchial tree.

A percentage of the inhaled substance, on its way to the bronchial tree is deposited on the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. To get the maximum amount of drug to the lungs, you must first learn to hold the device correctly (for an inhaler), as shown in the photograph: 1.


and then follow these steps:

1. DEEP expiration: to empty the lungs from air containing

2. APPLYING THE DEVICE lips (fot.2)


3. You press the device (keeping constant pressing the thumb and the index) to release the drug immediately before the start deep breath.


4. Deep breath: as the lungs fill with air again containing the drug

5. We hold their breath about 10 seconds to give time to the substance to be absorbed by the bronchial mucosa

6. Exhale SLOWLY

Note: If the inhaler device is a must before use to generate renewed 2-3 times (as indicated by the fot.3)


Below is a list of all inhaled drugs at pharmaceutical companies, trade name, active substance and format the device. Also photos of all types of equipment and detailed instructions as to give the same pharmaceutical companies.


Finally it should be noted that inhaled medicines, both bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory (inhaled corticosteroids) may be administered alone or in combination on the same device.

Also in the inhaled form of cortisone does not have the same effects as when administered systematically (pill, injection). Typical reactions to the inhaled form is usually (a) hoarseness & (b) stomatitis.

These two effects can be prevented by oral rinse immediately after use.

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