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Lung cancer

Lung cancer

Cancer in general is a complicated and long process that leads the body's cells to grow autonomously and anarchy, with no objective and create ogkous.Ta call these cells and tumor volume neoplasma.Apo cancer may be affected by each institution anthropou.Apotelei of one of the leading causes of death.


The reasoning is over `agnosti.Ostoso many known carcinogens (those factors that can lead to carcinogenesis). These are the most important factors incriminated kapnisma.Alloi are:

* Environmental pollution
* Asbestos
* Genetic factors
* Old scars lung
* Radioactive aktonovolia
* Various elements: nickel, benzopyrene, chloromethylaitheres, arsenic, chromium


Separated into 2 major categories:

1. Small cell lung (MKP)
2. Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

In turn, the NSCLC ypodiareitai to:

* Squamous
Adenocarcinoma *
* Megalokkytariko


* Cough
* Expectoration
* Haemoptysis
* Wheezing
Dysphagia *
* Shortness of breath

We should note that symptoms may be getting from the institutions which have developed metastasi.Episis sometimes very different tumors secrete hormones that cause a variety of disorders, which called paraneoplastic events:

* Metabolic (calcium in the blood, hypoglycemia, etc.)
* Neurological (aesthetic and / or motor neuropathy, vertigo, imbalance, manic depression, etc.)
* Muscle (muscle degeneration, pain, etc.)
* Vascular (thrombophlebitis)
* Blood (anemia, thrombocytopenia)
* Disorders of the skin and bones (joint pains, etc. pliktrodaktylia)


* History and clinical examination
* Radiography / or chest computed tomography
* Bronchoscopy
* Cytological examination of sputum
* With needle puncture in thoracic CT scanner (in volume located peripherally, close to the chest wall)
* Puncture and cytological examination of pleural fluid
* Open lung biopsy
* Mesothorakoskopisi
* Tumor Markers blood


Once placed on the laboratory diagnosis (biopsy and / or cytology) should be the staging (what stage the cancer is). We note that both the treatment and the prognosis depends on 2 factors:

1. the tissue type of cancer (MKP, NSCLC)
2. stage of disease

For the staging required mainly the following tests:

* CT scan (except of course the chest) and brain-ventricular (check for metastasis to other organs)
* Bone scan
* Bronchoscopy (in cases of endobronchial location of the cancer)

The stage of the disease depends on several factors including:

* The size of the tumor and if affects various organs of the chest (blood vessels, heart, chest wall, etc.)
* Whether or not metastatic outbreak
* Whether or not filtered nodes and what those groups (lymph nodes near the damage, the mediastinum, etc.)


The therapeutic methods, alone or in combination are:

1. Surgery
2. Chemotherapy
3. Radiotherapy

As regards the surgical treatment should be aware that:

1. The MKP-no surgery except in certain special cases, even in early stages due to the aggressiveness of
2. Only NSCLC surgery and depends on the following factors:

* The stage of disease
* The location of the tumor
* The patient's age (relative factor)
* The patient's condition (respiratory function, cardiac function, etc.)


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